Frequently Asked Questions

How do I establish care or talk with a midwife to learn more about the center?

Simply call our office at WomanCare, and ask to schedule a consultation appointment with one of the midwives. At this appointment we will provide an overview of the midwifery service, as well as the options you may consider including the Tree of Life Family Birth Center. Once you establish care with the midwives at WomanCare, you will be evaluated for the appropriateness of birth center care for your birth, and offered an appointment for an orientation class at the Tree of Life Family Birth Center.

What about costs? Does your birth center accept health insurance?

Tree of Life Family Birth Center is in the process of becoming accredited with all major insurance carriers. To find out whether we are in-network with your specific carrier we invite you to contact our billing office at 812-920-1580. Out of pocket costs can vary widely depending on your insurance plan, deductibles, and co-pays. At your initial appointment, or upon acceptance as an appropriate birth center client, a billing specialist will discuss these costs with you, and assist you in developing a plan to pay these costs prior to your birth.

If I have already begun prenatal care with another provider, can I still deliver at the birth center?

Yes, we often have mothers begin care with a different provider, then transfer care to our practice once they know that their plan is to deliver at Tree of Life Family Birth Center. We strongly recommend that you transfer care as early as possible in your pregnancy. We want to ensure that we have ample time to get to know you, to review your health history, to make necessary financial arrangements, and to give you sufficient time to meet all requirements, including orientation and childbirth classes.

After 36 weeks, it is typically too late to transfer unless you have a very uncomplicated health history, have the flexibility to pay the up front portion on short notice, and have already had a childbirth class that meets our requirements. However, birthing with one of our midwives at Clark Memorial Hospital’s Family Birth Place may still be an option for you.