Our Approach

Tree of Life Family Birth Center is here to offer a warm, nurturing environment for women with low-risk pregnancies who choose natural childbirth. Our care includes prenatal visits at WomanCare in Jeffersonville, IN, conveniently located for women and families of Kentuckiana. Throughout the pregnancy you will be monitored to ensure that delivery at the Tree of Life Family Birth Center is appropriate for you. If a woman’s birth at the birth center becomes unsafe at any point during pregnancy, labor or delivery, our Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) will have the ability to seamlessly transition care to the hospital setting, while still maintaining an empowering and natural environment for birth. Fortunately, the majority of women that risk out of the birth center is small, and our CNMs can continue to provide care for you at the hospital, maintaining your birth plan as much as possible.

Through one-on-one patient visits and regularly scheduled classes, we’ll help you prepare for the natural birth experience.

From the moment we welcome you to our Center in the early stages of labor, the warm setting and familiarity of your childbirth team will put you at ease. The center is open to you, your partner and any family members and others you wish to be present, including children. Each of our birthing rooms offers a queen size bed and birthing tub, and will allow you the space to practice intuitive freedom of movement and position yourself in the ways you feel are comfortable and effective for you.

At Tree of Life Family Birth Center, our goal is to offer you a family-centered, intimate experience culminating in the safe & gentle birth of your baby. We provide expert, experienced midwifery care throughout your labor and birth. Our use of a high touch, low tech midwifery care provides you the opportunity to experience normal healthy birth in a relaxed environment, free of the pressures of the institutional policies and procedures. Our licensure and education gives you the assurance that should you or your baby require the use emergency medications, they will be readily available on site.

We focus on childbirth as a normal, natural process in all aspects of our care, supporting this process throughout while recognizing and managing any deviations from normal. Our collaborative agreement with the physicians at WomanCare, along with our privileges at Clark Memorial Hospital, allow us to provide you with continued support and care should you or your baby require transfer to the hospital for a higher level of care.

A few hours after birth, you and your baby will be discharged to recover in the comfort of your own home. Continued care will be provided to mom and baby in the form of home visits and/or office visits, both with the midwives and nurses at the Tree of Life Family Birth Center, as well as with your pediatrician.